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Shanghai Acepack Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. was established in 2005 with registered capital of 20 million. Acepack is a high-tech enterprise committing on development, manufacturing, sales and service of intelligent packaging system and fully automatic packaging equipment. Since the establishment, Acepack has been dedicating to offer complete turn-key packaging solutions to our customers.

Adhering to the concept of Creation, Study, Integrity, Unity and Win-win, Acepack has offered customized pouch packaging solutions to customers located in more than 50 countries and regions of the world, and gained its reputation by good quality and service.

SINCE 2005

Comprehensive Solutions

Acepack provides complete packaging solutions for efficient and effective packaging.


Acepack utilizes cutting-edge technology for intelligent packaging systems.

Customer-Focused Approach

Acepack works closely with customers to customize solutions to their unique needs.


Acepack has a reputation for quality and service, with customers in over 70 countries.

“Acepack - Your One-Stop Solution for Intelligent Packaging Systems”

“Innovative, Reliable, and Customer-Focused - Trust Acepack for Your Packaging Needs”


The 25th Asian Pet Exhibition


The 25th Asian Pet Exhibition

In the second half of 2023, international and domestic trade activities will experience a strong rebound in a safer and more open environment. Seizing this opportunity, the 2023 Asian Pet Exhibition returns to Shanghai and is scheduled to take place from August 16th to 20th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. We look forward to hosting a high-quality event for the industry in a more mature and secure timing. The exhibition will bring together top global pet brands, innovative products and technologies, industry-leading companies, professionals, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, overseas experts, and expand networks, facilitating direct communication and fostering new ideas for industry development. The Asian Pet Exhibition sets an exemplary event that combines B2B trade negotiations with B2C public marketing functions. It serves as a strong medium for brands to integrate marketing and promotion. With its exhibition model of professional days for B2B and consumer days for B2C, it meets the needs of pet industry professionals while attracting a large number of targeted end consumers. By engaging in conversations with numerous public consumers, the exhibition holds the "Asian Pet Carnival," which is a festive feast for over 220,000 pet enthusiasts. This helps brands establish visibility, win over end consumers, and pave the way for the future. Shanghai Acepack Intelligent Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. will be present at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 16th to 18th (Booth No.: E5J21). We look forward to meeting you there! Fully Servo Roll Film Bag Packaging Equipment:     •It can achieve data retrieval and one-key switching.     •The equipment adopts a new control system to enhance the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).     •The fully servo structure provides simplicity, stability, and reduced noise.     •It has a running mechanism monitoring function, enhancing safety.     •The sealing process adopts servo-following positioning, reducing sealing allowance errors and improving packaging aesthetics.     •The equipment is more intelligent, reducing the requirements on operators. FRC-4 Fully Servo Filling and Capping Machine     •The machine features fully servo-controlled filling and capping, with a PLC touch screen control panel for easy operation.     •It has stable performance, high automation, accurate filling accuracy, and simple maintenance and operation.     •The machine is equipped with a dustproof glass cover to ensure safety and prevent dust contamination.     •The materials used in the equipment meet FDA hygiene standards.     •The machine is equipped with detection devices, such as no bag no filling and automatic stop when there is no cap.     •The filling system is equipped with CIP (Clean-in-Place) cleaning function.

Common applications of Acepack HFFS machines


Common applications of Acepack HFFS machines

Acepack horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) machines are versatile and widely used in various industries for packaging different types of products. Some common applications of Acepack HFFS machines include: Food Products: HFFS machines are commonly used to package a wide range of food products, including snacks, confectionery items, baked goods, coffee, cereals, pasta, sauces, dressings, spices, frozen foods, and ready-to-eat meals. These machines can efficiently create sealed pouches or bags that help preserve the freshness, flavor, and quality of the food. Beverages: HFFS machines are also suitable for packaging beverages such as water, juice, energy drinks, dairy-based drinks, and even alcoholic beverages. These machines can handle various container shapes and sizes, ensuring secure sealing and leak-proof packaging. Personal Care and Household Products: Acepack HFFS machines are utilized for packaging personal care items like shampoo, lotion, liquid soap, hand sanitizers, and cosmetics. Additionally, they are also employed in packaging household products like cleaning agents, detergents, and liquid detergents. Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products: HFFS machines play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry by packaging tablets, capsules, and other solid dosage forms. They can also package medical devices, diagnostic kits, and other healthcare products in a hygienic and secure manner. Pet Food and Animal Products: HFFS machines are used for packaging pet food and other animal-related products like treats, supplements, and medications. These machines can handle different shapes and sizes of packaging, catering to the diverse needs of the pet food industry. These are just a few examples of the applications of Acepack HFFS machines. The versatility and flexibility of these machines allow them to be utilized across various industries for packaging a wide range of products efficiently and effectively.

PET FAIR ASIA 2023 is going on, Acepack Booth: E5J21


PET FAIR ASIA 2023 is going on, Acepack Booth: E5J21

Acepack is participating in PET FAIR ASIA 2023. Attending trade shows like PET FAIR ASIA provides excellent opportunities for companies to show some pet food packing machines. Acepack booth NO. is E5J21, it's an excellent chance for visitors to learn more about our packaging solutions for the pet industry. They have more chance to know our horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) machines designed specifically for packaging pet food, and other related products. Visitors can also inquire about customization options, technical specifications, and any special features that Acepack offers. It's always a good idea to visit the Acepack booth at PET FAIR ASIA 2023 to get firsthand information, see the machines in action, and engage with our knowledgeable experts. They may provide valuable insights into how our packaging solutions can meet specific needs and requirements in the pet industry.