Welcome to CIDT Expo 2024,Acepack Booth NO.:E3-11

May 27, 2024

Welcome to CIDT Expo 2024,Acepack Booth NO.:E3-11 


The annual meeting of the China Dairy Industry Association is one of the most watched events in China's dairy industry and has been successfully held for 29 times. Previous conferences have brought together government leaders, industry leaders, industry elites, leading enterprises, authoritative media and other groups. They are an important platform for the release of scientific and technological innovation results, display of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies in the dairy industry, negotiation of cooperation projects and brand promotion. They have great influence on the industry and the public. .


Acepack Booth:E3-11

Machines for our customers:

AP-0890A(Premade Bag-type expansion packing machine

Applicable packaging products:

Yogurt, lactic acid bacteria, beverages, popsicles, Japanese tofu, heat source paste, etc....




(1) The equipment automatically performs bag taking, bag opening, filling and sealing


(2) Servo adjusts capacity and is easy to operate


(3) The transmission of the whole machine runs smoothly without any jamming.


(4) Can be connected to CIP for cleaning, easy maintenance and cleaning

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