Liquid Packing Machine


Dec 24, 2020

Equipped with stable filler, Acepack liquid packaging machines can realize high filling accuracy, fast packing speed, easy to operate and adjust. It is widely applied in pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical etc. industries all over the world like United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Africa etc. with CE certification and tech. Patents.



Packing materials: juice, milk, ketchup, tomato sauce, water, oil, honey, mayonnaise, liquid detergent, shampoo, cream etc.


High Efficiency

Liquid packing machines are designed to achieve high-speed and efficient packaging operations. They can handle large quantities of liquid products packaging, ensuring productivity and reducing labor costs.


Liquid packing machines are versatile and can pack a wide range of liquid products, such as water, juices, dairy products, sauces, oils, detergents, and more. They can adapt to different container sizes and packaging requirements.

Accurate Filling

Liquid packing machines are equipped with volumetric or flow meter filling systems that ensure accurate and consistent product dosage. This feature helps maintain the desired volume or weight of each package, ensuring product quality and customer satisfaction.

Packaging Quality

Liquid packing machines ensure reliable and leak-proof packaging, preventing spillage, contamination, and maintaining product freshness. They can perform tasks such as automatic container detection, filling, sealing, and labeling. This reduces human error and improves packaging efficiency.

Safety Features

Liquid packing machines come with safety measures to protect operators and prevent accidents. These features may include emergency stop buttons, safety guards, detection systems for abnormal operations, and overload protection.

Customizable Options

Acepack offers customization options to meet customers' specific packaging requirements. This can include additional features like nitrogen flushing for product freshness, date coding systems, advanced control systems, and more.

Machine Videos

Form fill seal liquid packing machine

Premade pouch liquid packing machine

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